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In the beginning of 1993, Godo Delgado partnered with , Steve Mansfield, the unforgettable Steve Braithwaite, Henry Wolking, Pat Smith, the great Ivan Telleria and others to form Salsa Brava Orchestra in the unique Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America.

Since the first performance on a Saturday evening of April 3rd 1993 to this year 2009, Salsa Brava has evolved through the years with memorable stage performances.

The first ever female caribbean vocalist group in Utah, is the longest living latin band with uninterrupted 16 years plus and still moving strong.

Today’s line up has the most versatile and gifted female vocalist in Sariah, she is bilingually beautiful and a great entertainer as well, Stevie Mansfield is still the musical director and the orchestra is still managed by Godo Delgado as it has been from the very beginning. Salsa Brava also has the privilege to currently interact with other great musicians such as Kent Nelson, Dave Hall, Manolo & Luchito Suitt, Sandro Grateron, Roberto Huerta, Godin Delgado III and other worldly and wonderful artists. As always, the raging beats of the caribbean are today the core of Salsa Brava Orchestra's musical selection.

This wonderful adventure has taken "Salsa Brava" through South by Southwest, Sundance Film Festival, the 2002 Winter Olympics and various other places around the country, making this journey a unique experience. 

From the trombone to the timbales, from the bass to the congas, Salsa Brava hosts a full fledged orchestra accompanied by musicians from all areas of the world, touching on all aspects of international music.  Salsa Brava, is still the leader in breaking the norm for achieving the ever-changing world beat.

Party Song Morena Ven Sangría...from the unforgettable Steve Braithwaite...amazing intro by Henry Wolking! Lady of Mine - Dama Mía